Monday, 15 October 2018

Going to Bed Before Midnight

Going to bed before midnight is No1 on following my list of 7 Ways to Change Our Life.

One of the joys of retirement along with living alone,  is being able to eat and sleep when one feels like it instead of having to stick to a time table to fit in with work or other people.  Since retiring 9 years ago I've taken full advantage of this where it comes to going to bed and what time I get up in the mornings.

I like not having to look at the clock to tell me when it's bed time.  I like being able to suddenly look up, see it's 3am and think, "Wow! is it that time already - one more cup of tea and I should get some sleep".   Or see that it's getting light outside and I still haven't gone to bed, then grab a couple of hours of shut eye knowing that I can have a doze in the afternoon to catch up.

I've found that one of the biggest drawbacks to getting old is not needing as much sleep as one used to.  I tend to only be able to sleep through a maximum of 6 hours, if I'm lucky.  This means that if I go to bed too early then I am going to wake up in the early hours of the morning.   Bed at 10pm for me, means a 4am rise.

I'm sure there are very many old girls and boys that do like the early to bed, early to rise, but I am not one of them.  To me getting up early as a pensioner, when you don't have to get ready and leave for work, has got to make it one of the most boring parts of the day, especially in the winter when it's still dark outside.

However, I thought it is possible that never going to bed before 2am at the earliest could be having an affect on my health, I suppose, so let's give this bed by Midnight a chance.

It's now been 7 nights that I have actually been in bed by midnight, and I have to say that I haven't had any trouble actually dropping off to sleep fairly quickly.  I have however had a problem staying asleep.

Within the first couple of hours I wake up and have to take a trip to the loo for a wee.  A sure sign that I haven't gone into a deep sleep previously as my body is still making water.  Back to bed, doze off again within a couple of minutes but never actually go into a deep sleep, but instead spend the next few hours lightly sleeping to wake up about 6am, once again busting for a pee and my body and brain telling me it's time to get up.

I'm very sleepy most of the day, and by afternoon I am feeling quite sick with tiredness and fall asleep involuntarily if I happen to be sitting down at that time.  I don't mind the afternoon sleep part as I do like an afternoon doze, but I don't like the feeling sleepy all day.  Instead of feeling invigorated I am feeling sleepy, lethargic and lazy from morning to night.

So far bed before midnight hasn't worked for me, but then it has only been 7 nights.   I fully intend to persevere and this week I am also adding No 2 - which is 30 mins of Exercise a day to changing my life.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

7 Ways to Change Our Life

I've heard that we should never make more than one change at a time.  That it's best to make one change a week.  They say that it takes 14 days to form a habit, be it a good one or a bad.  So sticking each change out for a fortnight should really change our life.

I intend to give the list below a shot to see if changing these 7 habits make my life better.

1)  Go to bed before midnight in order to easily be able to get up as soon as the alarm goes off rather than continually pressing the snooze button.  If we wake up full of beans to start the day it's surprising how much more we can get done without even feeling tired.

Going to bed before midnight I started two nights ago.  I can't say yet I have noticed a difference in my energy or such yet.  But it's early days.

2)  30 minutes exercise a day.  This doesn't have to be going to the gym, but can simply be exercising indoors or even just dancing to a favourite CD.   Exercise gives us not only more energy to get through the day but also stops us wanting to doze off in front of the TV in the evenings and instead do something more interesting along with reducing stress.

Exercising - This is going to be the hardest one to start for me.  There is always something better and more fun to do than exercise.  But in a couple of weeks I will make a try to start it.

3)  20 minutes meditation time a day, splitting it into 2 x 10 minutes.  Morning and evening.  Just listening quietly to meditation sounds is a great way of meditating.  Meditating reduces stress and anxiety.

Meditating - Is another hard one for me because I fall asleep when meditating nowadays.  However, getting to bed early may stop me dozing off during a short meditation.  I will plan for starting that after I have my home de-cluttered (No 6).

4)  Read a book.  Get used to reading for relaxation instead of watching a TV show.  Reading helps us widen our knowledge and in turn gives us more to talk about in social situations.  Choosing biographies histories or anything else that might in someway improve our knowledge.

Read a Book - I have to admit that I no longer sit and read a book as I once did.  All my reading is now done on line.  However I do have several books that I have had bought for me and haven't yet picked up.  

5)  Minimising our wardrobe.  Try to wear the same sort of clothes every day.  It could be jeans and a T-Shirt if we don't work, or white shirt, black skirt or pants if we do.  This saves wondering what to wear each day along with saving us lots of money.

Minimising my wardrobe I'm hoping to do next week.  So far I already extracted the items I'm 100% sure I want to keep.  The rest I'm hoping my youngest Granddaughter will come over and help me sort as I'm really not at all sure what to keep and what to throw.

6)  De-cluttering and organising our home.  De-cluttering doesn't have to be done in one fell swoop.  We could simply wander around our home and find 5 items a day to get rid of, or we could play the 30 day de-clutter game, which is...........  On day one throw one thing away.  On day two throw 2 things away and so on until day 30 we throw 30 things away.  Those things can simply be an old paid bill, or an out of date tin of food, etc.,  they don't have to be big items.

De-clutter and Organise - As with my wardtrobe, I have already made a huge start on this one, and by the end of next week I am hoping it will be all be finished and done with.  Woo Hoo!!

7)  Manage our money better by before buying anything by ask ourselves, "do I really want it and will I use it.?" along with "Where am I going to put it".

Think Before Buying - Due to living in such a small studio flat this is already part and parcel of my normal shopping habits, so I can ignore that one.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A Fresh Start

I have to laugh at myself.  I've just come back to Blogspot after yet another long time away and found that I have 6 Blogspot sites listed in my account.  Each time I have a break from blogging I have been totally abandoning whatever the present blog site might be and starting a completely new one.

In the past I've also mixed my personal daily doing posts with my rantings, ramblings and interests which have made for a very chaotic form of blogging.  So over this last couple of days I have been sorting out all of these blog sites and amalgamated all posts into one archived site, which any and all are welcome to go over read and comment if wished.

I have then turned one, now obsolete, site, after deleting all now archived post, into a private, personal daily doings (diary/journal) by invitation only, some of which is less personal will also be copied into this blog.  And this old site I have turned into a brand new ranting, ramblings and interests site.

This has cut my owned sites by half and I can now delete the ones I am not using anymore as all posts and comments are safe on the one I have turned into my archives.

I have called this site Cabbages and Kings simply because it will be a mish mash of all sorts of bits that I feel like writing at any given time.  I also doubt if I will be posting on a regular basis as most times I will have nothing to post about.  But do feel free to follow me, read, and comment on any post I might make that you have something to say about.