Saturday, 3 October 2015

A New Month Beginneth

I start this month weighing in at 137.5lbs.  I am really hoping by the end of this month to be down to 133lbs (9st 7lbs).

At the beginning of last month I was losing the odd pound or two and then putting it straight back on just as I usually do.  However I have managed to keep the couple of pounds off, for nearly a fortnight now, that I lost at the beginning of last month.  This tends to mean that I really have lost that couple of pounds, and it will stay off.   I can now work towards removing another couple of pounds by the end of this month.

The problem I have losing weight has never been food.  I have no problem keeping to a strict 1200 calories a day.  But I do have a problem finding enough to do to count towards the amount of activity needed to naturally burn off those everyday 1200 calories, and then go on to do enough exercise to burn the extra calories needed to actually lose weight.

If one doesn't go out to work and lives alone in a very small flat, then finding enough activity to keep one moving enough to burn off a normal amount of daily calories is hard enough to do without trying to manage to do enough exercise, on top, to burn off extra calories to start burning off the extra fat.

However, this last couple of weeks my days seem to have naturally become a lot more active.  I have helped my girls with the decorating of their new flat, the weather has been kind and therefore I have been out on my bike a bit more, along with having the opportunity to get out and about visiting, and spending more time, going hither and thither with my Daughter, than I have for a long time.  My days for a change have been very full.   It all adds up to burning up the normal daily calories.  That means that all the actual exercising I have done above and beyond my daily activity has been burning away the fat.

It's also said that it's hard to lose weight the more stressed one is, and I now seem to be a lot less stressed and more content than I have been for several years now.

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