Monday, 19 October 2015

A Halloween Filofax

Changing from a pocket size into a personal size Filofax this week and making all new dividers for it gave me the bug to want to make more.

I know that it's a bit late in the month and heading fast towards Halloween but I decided to also make some Halloween dividers and move again, only this time into a black Domino Filofax just for the last couple of weeks left in this month before Halloween.

I"m now thinking of making different dividers for each month.  After all each month does have something special about it.

Click the image to see full size.


I got the images from websites offering free desk top backgrounds.  I then cropped, resized and printed them out on card before laminating.

I was careful how I chose which image to be which divider and did so in a way that made each tab a different colour.


  1. Awesome, I love them all, well done Sandy. ♥

  2. Thanks Marie. I love making them.


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