Friday, 25 September 2015

About this Blog

My active blog up until now has been on  Sadly Yuku blogs at this point in time are pretty basic and not open for non-yuku members to view.

I have spent many years waiting and hoping, with all their many different owners and many different updates on Yuku in the last 10 years, that one of those updates would be the creation of a decent blog.  Unfortunately this has never happened.

I find this such a shame as at the moment the only decent platforms for blogging are Blogspot and Wordpress, and I am certain that a system such as Yuku would benefit from being able to not only house the first class forums and interactive profiles that they do if they were to add first class first class blogging as well.

So although I will still continue to post on my Yuku blog for my Yuku friends to interact with me I have decided that I will also create this Blogspot blog and duplicate my posts for any visitors that due to not being Yuku members are unable to view and comment on my Yuku blog.

Any post on this blog prior to the posting date of this "About" post has been copied over and back dated to the date of the original post.

Please feel free to leave a comment in any back dated post however old it is.

Thank you for visiting.


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