Monday, 31 August 2015

An August Update

I had started August weighing in at 137lbs but it only takes one cake or such to put the pounds back on and the problems I had with my hip and carpal tunnel this month really slowed me down regarding exercising.  Walking with the hip and riding with the carpal tunnel was a no no.

I went up from those few days of inactivity to 140lbs again and this last week or so have managed to bring it down again to 138lbs.

I am so upset and peed off ending the month 1lb heavier than I started it with.

In order to cheer myself along I have now started a hidden forum on my where I am recording hour by hour my activity and my food consumption.

What with smart phones and ipads this is so easy to do on the move, but then at the end of each day I can see if I am actually doing less moving around than I think I am and eating more food than I think I am.  I spend far too much time on the web so I might as well use some of that time constructively.

I think it's too easy to kid oneself that one is doing loads of exercise and eating right when in actual fact there is room for improvement.

I simply have to be going wrong somewhere that I can't lose this bloody weight.