Saturday, 18 July 2015

Louie's Transport

I took Louie downstairs with me today while I checked to see if my trike tyres needed more air.  I hate putting air in just before I am ready to actually set out on a journey.  After checking the tyres I thought I would test to see if Louie would sit nicely and safely in the front basket of my trike instead of him continue to have to be closed in a dog basket in the rear of the trike.

We started off really slowly with me intending just to cycle around our complex, but he was being so good I ventured out onto the road.  He was still not only sitting really good but he was thoroughly enjoying it, so I decided to go a little further and up into the large car park on the seafront.

The car park was more or less empty so a few minutes of cycling around that and I risked coming back out on to the road again.  We then did another mile of road biking with me risking going a little faster.  Even when we got back home he didn't attempt to want to get out as you can see by the image below.

He does actually have his lead tied onto the handle bars as however good he was I wouldn't risk him being able to jump out if he got nervous at a sudden sound.  But it does look as if he can be trusted to ride up front and not shut away in a basket on the back.

I will in future make sure he has a comfy blanket to sit on though.  No blanket today as I had no idea that when I went down to check the tyres I would be trying this little experiment.

Click image to see larger.

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