Monday, 29 December 2014

The Obligatory New Year Resolutions

Here we go again making the obligatory New Year resolutions, of which there is little to no chance that I am going to keep.

For years it was the quitting smoking. Which I might add never did happen with a New Year resolution, but rather under the threat of a second heart attack, and possibly death back in 2012.  That was when the cigarettes were finally consigned to the bin overnight, never to rear their ugly head again.

With the quitting smoking dealt with, I had to drum up some new, "New Year" self promises for the following years. It wasn't too hard to figure out what they should be.

Getting rid of the ciggies, and having to take a handful of daily pills, piled on the weight. An extra 35lbs of it, which is a heck of a lot for someone that should only weigh 112lbs. It's been like carrying a toddler permanently strapped to my back.

So for the last couple of years it's been, "I must exercise more, eat better, and lose weight. None of which I have managed to conquer.

Although I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I did actually manage to lose a whole 7lbs through all of the last 12 months. If I keep that up it will only take another four years to lose the remaining 30lbs I need to shed. Whoopy Doo! 

I could of course spend the next four years wishing I could get into my smaller sized clothes or I could, instead, simply get my finger out and lose the extra weight over the next four months. Putting all three resolutions through their paces at once. After all one has to exercise and eat properly to become ones ideal weight.

Unfortunately to lose weight one has to devote virtually the whole of ones waking hours to the venture.

Planning the coming meals, shopping for the coming meals, exercise, exercise and more exercise.

The process of losing weight is time consuming, along with being soul destroying if the lbs don't shed easily. There is of course also the anti-social aspect due to having to refuse to leave ones home for fear of being tempted to consume anything that might not be on the carefully planned menu.

The scales can one moment be your friend giving you hope and encouragement and in the next, viciously turn against you and push you into the pits of despair.

So as I sit here scoffing the last of the Christmas chocolates I wonder, is it all worth putting oneself through such misery and hard work when one could simply just go out and buy a new wardrobe of clothes that actually fit?