Monday, 1 September 2014

The Mayans and the Skull & Crossbones

Did you know that the Skull & Crossbones didn't originate from pirates or as we know it for now, to represent "poison"?

It was/is actually a very old symbol of power and spirituality.

The great unknown secret behind the Skull & Crossbones is not a symbol of death but of life.  It was used by ancient priests and priestesses world wide, from Mayans in Mesoamerica to the Etruscans in Europe:

3,000 years ago the ancient Etruscans and ancient Mayans (twin civilizations that developed separately) both created Skull and Bones images.

It's a reminder of the temporary nature of human life, and the inevitability of death. Thoughts of death remind us of the transient nature of earthly pleasures, which are fleeting, this contemplation opens the door to the soul within, which is the eternal life within each of us

The pirates of old found a safe haven along the old trade routes of Africa and the New World where they could make themselves at home along the coast, protected by the reef, which unless one knew like the back of their hand one couldn't enter safely.  There they were safe from the naval authorities.

Many pirates became familiar with the native Mayans and even adopted some of their customs.  One of which was the Skull & Crossbones.  Later in the modern world to become our symbol for poison.