Saturday, 21 June 2014

I Wish I Had a Safe

Do you ever think about what would happen to important papers or cash that you might have in the home if a fire swept through your house and you had to get out quickly or you were away at the time?

We don't all have the luxury of a fire resistant safe, but we do all have a fire proof safe area that we can use to store passports, insurance policies, birth certificates, etc, and of course cash.

With very rare exceptions we all own a fridge, freezer, or both.  Both of those will always survive a fire.  It doesn't take much area in one of those to store a small amount of that which would make life hard to have to replace.

Over here in England we also have a scheme whereby in case of accident, fire or suddenly finding oneself rushed unconscious into hospital, all of our emergency services look in our fridge for an information pack that we have placed in there.  This information pack holds the contact details of our nearest and dearest and any information pertaining to medication, alergies or information such as being diabetic.

This information is called A Vial for Life.  One then places a sticker on the outside of the fridge to alert the services that a Vial is inside.  It's worth finding out if your country does the same.

Whilst we are on the subject of emergency information, the other thing that we can do is place contact details in our mobile phone under the title of ICE (in case of emergency).  The first place anyone looks for contact details is in our mobile phone, and once again the emergency service will first look under ICE.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas

Just finished reading this amazing book.  One has to read it with an open mind.   Funnily enough much of what it seems the Native Americans believe, is already, and has been for many years, my own beliefs.  Including my belief of how the first real humans were created on the earth.

As you read it, you will become truly regretful at how ancient civilisations, such as the Maya, Aztecs, and Native Americans, were wiped out by Catholicism/Christianity.  How vast knowledge has been destroyed.   How they too believed in the one vast Spirit that links us all.  The one spirit that most call God.

An old Native American legend tells of 13 crystal skulls the size of a human skulls that were said to contain information about the origins and destiny of humankind.

The legend said that one day, at a time of great need, all the crystal skulls would be rediscovered and brought together to reveal their information vital to the future of humanity.

Earlier this century, a real crystal skull was discovered by the British explorer deep in the jungles of Central America.  Since then, several other crystal skulls have also come to light.

Why do Native American elders claim the crystal skulls are stories of great knowledge, programmed with an important message for humankind?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Love Thy Neighbour

Living opposite me is an elderly lady.  She isn't so much elderly in years, being only 78, but very elderly in her mental attitude, along with not being exceptionally intelligent.  To top it all she is also stone deaf without both her hearing aids, which she constantly doesn't bother to wear even when seeking you out for conversation.  This all makes interaction with her very difficult.  As with all the rest of my neighbours,  I don't really have much to do with her except the quick chats if we meet in the garden or on the stairs, along with when she asks me to go into her home to do something for her.

She has 3 children and at least one Grandson that I know of.  The Grandson and the Daughter I have seen a handful of times in the nearly 5 years that I have lived here.  The 2 Sons, I have never set eyes on and only know they exist because Dorothy occasionally mentions them.  Basically Dorothy is totally neglected by her family.

Just after I moved in here her children bought her a laptop so that she could keep in touch with email.  One of the Sons came over and set it up for her, which basically consisted of plugging it in and running through it with her as to how it works.  Since then I have been in several times to help set up and explain to her how her email works, along with explaining how the web works, how to get on it, and how to make use of it.  In other words I have done the job her rotten kids should be doing.

Yesterday morning, unusually, she asked me in for a cup of tea.  This happens rarely and it always means she wants something.  The something was, that she wanted to borrow my dining table on the 16th for a little get together of friends from the church which she is intending to have on the large landing we have on our floor.

I had to refuse.  One, because my table is solid oak, very heavy, and has to be taken apart to get out of the flat, and two, I didn't want to start something that might turn into a once a month regular occurrence.  I did however say she could borrow my chairs if she just used her own table.  I have no idea why she wanted my table when she has her own.

During my time there she mentioned how she would love to be able to move her laptop somewhere else in the room but that the lead wont stretch.  Of course I explained that she didn't need the lead but that she had wifi.  I have no idea when she started using the lead because I had set her up in the beginning with her wifi.  I personally think she probably had a problem at some point and one of her kids, instead of sorting out the wifi problem just bunged the lead from laptop to wifi box in.

Whilst I was trying to sort out getting her on wifi alone, I couldn't believe how slow her computer was.  It took a good 4 or 5 minutes to just turn the machine on.  On clicking to get Internet Explorer up, I had to sit back down and drink half of my tea before it loaded.  It turns out that it had never been cleaned out in all the years she has had it.  On her telling her Son about the computer running so very slow, it seems he had simply said "you will have to buy a new one".

The upshot has been that she dropped her laptop into me last night about 6pm, as I said she could, and I cleaned out what I could during the evening and then left it defragging overnight.  It was so clogged up that as I write this it's now been defragging for 15 hours and still going.

I don't care what anyone says.  Many of the younger generations are selfish and self centred.  In this country and when I was younger, we all looked after generations that came after us and those that were before us.  There is no bloody excuse for neglecting family.  I worked hard all my life and I had a husband and child to look after.  Yet I found time to help my Sisters with their kids, I found time for my Mum and for my Dad, and Dad wasn't even my own Father.  They found time for me and mine.  And they found time for each other.   When I was very young and my Grans were old, they both had their children and grandchildren looking after them.

I am totally disgusted with Dorothy's children.  It shouldn't have been my job to help Dorothy out.  It's a bloody shame but none of them are worth their salt.