Thursday, 29 May 2014

Oh No! Not Another filofax

Some of you know how much I love my Filofaxes, and how many I have collected over the years.  I know one can only use one Filofax at a time, but it is a sort of obsession with me.  Many times, not every time,when I see a new one just released I simply have to own it in one size or the other.

Just recently Filofax has bought up Letts Diaries.  Letts is a very old company that made Diaries, notebooks, pens and all sorts of other stationery.  And using the idea of both a notebook and a Filofax organiser, Filofax have come up with a totally new look, and cheap, A5 size notebook.

I only own one A5 Filofax organiser because I actually find that size too big and clunky, and I only own the one I do because W.H.Smiths had it for sale at a give away price, and one never knows when one might need an A5 size Filofax.

fb715943696e874c7196c0545cc84b207ac8f23.I do however always have on the go and carry around with me, a cheap oldexercise book.  I know it's virtually A5 size, but it's light and easy to shove in my bag.  I use this for anything and everything that I need to jot down, from when a new television series is about to come on tele,to marking down my weight for that day, to quickly writing any reminders down.  Basically there is no order in the exercise book.  It'ssimple me using up page after page of notes that need never be thrown away, but the important ones are transferred to where they belong on a weekly basis.

Such as telephone numbers I might have collected throughout the week, goin my phone.  Just before I go shopping I look through the exercise book and transfer any bits to a proper list to take to the shops with me.  Appointments or reminders are added to my active Filofax organiser,and so on. 

Now!  Getting back to this new A5 size notebook Filofax have just released.

b4325b84196a76d480349dbae2d5439248524ad.They call it a clip book and this translucent one comes in pink or purple.

They also do it in a leather look, in blue, black, and white.  The white would make a great notebook to plan a wedding.

At £15 - £18 (UK) they are virtually giving it away.

It comes chocker block full of paper and also 3 types of diary.  Personally the diaries are so cheap that I wouldn't use them, but what can one expect for that price and as with all Filofax covers one can always chop and change and add paper, diaries, finance sheets, etc., etc., as one wants.

What it doesn't come with is dividers.  But as with the paper, one can always buy dividers separately, also one has to remember that this has been designed for a notebook, not a Filofax organiser.

But me being me.  I fished out the dividers that have been laying doing nothing for years in my A5 Filofax organiser, and stuck them in my clip book.

This looks so much nicer than carrying around a tatty exercise book and yet is the same size (virtually) and barely weighs any more.  I really do love it.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

About Me

I live in a small flat for the over 60s on the seafront in a village in the UK, with a pain in the rear of a Chihuahua for company.

I was absolutely determined to retire down here in Dorset, it being one of the most attractive of counties in the south of England.  I had no intention of moving alone and so I dragged my Daughter and 2 Granddaughters down here with me.  They are now settled within a 20 minute bike ride from me.