Monday, 19 October 2015

A Halloween Filofax

Changing from a pocket size into a personal size Filofax this week and making all new dividers for it gave me the bug to want to make more.

I know that it's a bit late in the month and heading fast towards Halloween but I decided to also make some Halloween dividers and move again, only this time into a black Domino Filofax just for the last couple of weeks left in this month before Halloween.

I"m now thinking of making different dividers for each month.  After all each month does have something special about it.

Click the image to see full size.


I got the images from websites offering free desk top backgrounds.  I then cropped, resized and printed them out on card before laminating.

I was careful how I chose which image to be which divider and did so in a way that made each tab a different colour.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Couple of Filofax Days

I have had a very quiet couple of days at the end of this week, so I decided to take the opportunity to transfer from my pocket size Filofax into a larger personal size.  I haven't used the personal size since quiting work several years ago, so I didn't have any inserts for it.  I have made a few changes and additions from the pages I use in my pockets size, and it was great fun thinking about what I wanted, creating the pages and finally creating some new dividers.

I have for a long time thought how nice it would be to use photographs instead of just pretty pictures for dividers.  I think it's a nice way of carrying around a few favourite photos and at the same time making them useful.

I of course just had to use some nice photos of my girls, along with one of Louie.  But I couldn't think what to do for the others.  I rummaged around my very old, physical photos and decided to use.....  No1 (as a dashboard) Myself as at about 2 years old with my Sister Barbara at the age of 14.  No2 (6th photo) is of my 9th birthday.  All 3 of my Sisters are there, along with Mum, and my niece Beverley as a baby.  I am bottom left.  No3 (7th photo) is of Mum on her wedding day at the age of 18.

To create the very old photos, because my printer is so complicated and I haven't quite mastered the scanning process, I simply took a photo of the photos with my iPad, increased the pixels by a factor of 400, then printed them off onto card and laminated them.  I am really pleased with the finished product.

Click on the image to view full size.

For the inserts I used just the Mac TextEdit to create very simple tables.  Once again because I haven't got the hang of using my new printer, I tried and failed to use double sided paper and it's a nightmare trying to line it all up, so each insert is only one sided even if it's a bit of a waste of paper.

It's surprising how long it takes to design and create various pages, but it's all good fun.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

A New Month Beginneth

I start this month weighing in at 137.5lbs.  I am really hoping by the end of this month to be down to 133lbs (9st 7lbs).

At the beginning of last month I was losing the odd pound or two and then putting it straight back on just as I usually do.  However I have managed to keep the couple of pounds off, for nearly a fortnight now, that I lost at the beginning of last month.  This tends to mean that I really have lost that couple of pounds, and it will stay off.   I can now work towards removing another couple of pounds by the end of this month.

The problem I have losing weight has never been food.  I have no problem keeping to a strict 1200 calories a day.  But I do have a problem finding enough to do to count towards the amount of activity needed to naturally burn off those everyday 1200 calories, and then go on to do enough exercise to burn the extra calories needed to actually lose weight.

If one doesn't go out to work and lives alone in a very small flat, then finding enough activity to keep one moving enough to burn off a normal amount of daily calories is hard enough to do without trying to manage to do enough exercise, on top, to burn off extra calories to start burning off the extra fat.

However, this last couple of weeks my days seem to have naturally become a lot more active.  I have helped my girls with the decorating of their new flat, the weather has been kind and therefore I have been out on my bike a bit more, along with having the opportunity to get out and about visiting, and spending more time, going hither and thither with my Daughter, than I have for a long time.  My days for a change have been very full.   It all adds up to burning up the normal daily calories.  That means that all the actual exercising I have done above and beyond my daily activity has been burning away the fat.

It's also said that it's hard to lose weight the more stressed one is, and I now seem to be a lot less stressed and more content than I have been for several years now.

Monday, 28 September 2015

10 Tips for Sitting Less

It's been said many times that nowadays we sit far too much.  Obviously a lot of this can't be helped because our jobs have changed so much since we entered this technological age.

Much of the working day for many is spent sitting at a desk, and whereas before computers we would get up and walk to someone else's desk or office to deliver a memo or such, it's now all done by email.

People no longer walk or cycle to work but instead jump in their cars, even for the shortest of journeys.

So many are over weight or even obese and often suffer from all the ailments and diseases that go along with that extra fat.

But seemingly, even if one is slim and our correct weight, sitting down too much during the course of a waking day we are still in danger of all sorts of avoidable diseases.

So here are 10 tips that I have discovered for sitting less.
  1. Take a walk break every time you take a coffee break.
  2. Stand up when taking business or home phone calls.
  3. Walk to a co-workers desk instead of emailing them or calling them. 
  4. Take the stairs whenever you can.
  5. After reading six pages of a book get up and move around a little.
  6. Whenever watching TV, stand up and move around with every commercial break.
  7. Get a stand up desk.
  8. Park further away from your destination.
  9. Set up an alarm to remind you every 20 minutes to get up and move around.
  10. Take 15 minutes walk break around the block at work.
And I'd like to add a personal one for a number 11 - If your journey is 4 miles or less get a bike and ride instead of taking the car.

Friday, 25 September 2015

About this Blog

My active blog up until now has been on  Sadly Yuku blogs at this point in time are pretty basic and not open for non-yuku members to view.

I have spent many years waiting and hoping, with all their many different owners and many different updates on Yuku in the last 10 years, that one of those updates would be the creation of a decent blog.  Unfortunately this has never happened.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Brand New Trike

Today I took delivery of my brand new tricycle.  Not only a new trike but this one is an E-Trike.

In anticipation of it's arrival I sold my old manual trike (Tess) to my local bike shop for £200.  It was a very fair price for her considering she was 6 years old, spotted with rust and had done a lot of miles for me.  She had only cost me brand new £450.

I did love old Tess and was sorry to see her go, but unfortunately the hills were becoming a little too hard for me to plod on up with her and after over a year of thinking about going electric I finally made the decision to do so.

The new trike is not like the normal type of trike, electric or otherwise as she does in fact ride like a 2 wheeler.

She/he (I haven't quite decided which gender it is) has what is called a tilting action.  By the twist of a lever one can release the rigid frame from the back which allows the the front of the bike to tilt and thereby lean around corners just as a 2 wheeler does.

This allows the back of the trike to be a lot narrower than the usual style of delta trike which needs the width for stability to enable it to go around corners without toppling over.

Another feature is that one can either choose to manually ride with no power assist, 3 levels of electric pedal assist or use the throttle to ride completely with power.

Unfortunately due to having to be out and about both today and tomorrow I wont get a chance for a decent ride out on it until Monday.

The photo below is of the official sales photo because I haven't yet had a chance to take a photo of my own.

I now need to think of a name for her/him, as I do like to name all of my bikes.